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  • | Ascot light

    Lighted aestheticism The light paves its way through the woven leather in a highly original design lampshade. The Ascot lamps are a grateful extension of the existing Ascot accessory range…
  • | DS-0414

    DS-414 is a chair that follows the movements of the person seated and provides noticeable support for the sitting posture: sitting has never been so healthy – no wonder, since…
  • | FK

    Icon in the comfort zone The FK bucket seat is international design history, a beacon of modernity, a pioneer of minimalism. Designed at the end of the 1960s by Preben…
  • | Leadchair

    The new Leadchair represents the DNA in design by Walter Knoll: modernity that remains timeless, constant development of upholstery expertise, the transparency of function. Healthy sitting thanks to the synchronised…
  • | Messeyne

    (Nederlands) De tafel en stoelen set, een ontwerp van Gerd Couckhuyt voor het gelijknamige hotel in Kortrijk, combineert op een unieke wijze gebogen en hoekige lijnen. Ze worden één en…
  • | Pendola

    Relaxing with Willisau Switzerland: Pendola guarantees that with the latest generation of the patented Dondola® ³ technology. Invisibly integrated under the seat, they are uncoupling the stiff connection to the base frame. Three-dimensional motion while…
  • | Principal

    The Principal is an executive chair with class. This office chair is built around an ergonomically formed shell with a back height of 53 cm. It comes as standard with…
  • | Tulip

    Confronting creation Square base, spherical seat. Wooden shell covered with leather, saddle leather or fabric. Confrontation of shapes and materials in a groundbreaking JORI design. This charming design chair belongs…
  • Durlet Principal office-chairs showroom models

    From € 2.298,-    now € 1.838,- to € 1.922,-   now € 1.538,-
  • IPDesign chair Bond

    Ipdesign Bond chair (ip101-1002) leather Stolz select 377 - structure chrome
  • More Corbo chair

    CORBO  chair,  back H 79 cm , feet alu mat leather Stolz Select 231