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Stolz and leather: a historical partnership
For 60 years active in leather

In 1960 Isaac Stolz started a business in leather for clothing. In the swinging 60s and 70s the clothes industry flourished in Flanders and Brussels and it was especially the leather jacket that became immensely popular. As a result the demand for leather rose.
In the 70s leather suites entered our living rooms. Stolz seized the opportunity and from the mid 70s on the company gradually switched to trading of leather for furniture.
At first the activity was restricted to Belgian and French markets, but from the mid 90s Stolz determinedly focused on export.
Nowadays most of the Stolz products are being exported. From the North to the South of Europe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf region there are seat manufacturers, interior architects, car interior designers,… who almost daily use Stolz leatherworks.

The main customers of course are seat manufacturers, but similarly there are applications in other sectors as luxury yacht design, office furniture, car upholstery, hotels,…

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Koen Maes

General Manager
Eastern France

Guy Thoonen

Export Manager
Belgium - Flanders
Middle East

Johan Kruiskamp

Export Manager
Northern Germany

Kristina Van Assche

Internal Sales Leather

Patrick Vanderceelen

Internal Sales Leather

Laurence Van Cauwenbergh


Carlo Parton


Hendrik Clement

General Manager
Belgium - Wallonia
Great Britain

Flemming Klinggaard

Export Manager

Pieter Rummens


Greet Beyens

Internal Sales Leather

Dominique Dieleman


Marinho Perdieus


Serge Moreau


We are ready for you

You, our client, provide our team the right stimuli: through this close corporation we acquire a right insight into the market. The actual Stolz leather collection is indeed tremendously successful as a result of the right information you provided us in the past.

Your suggestions on colours are most welcome!

Do you need a colour according to your wishes for a particular project? No problem! Beside the colours of our standard collections specific colours are produced on a regular basis.

Do not hesitate to contact us!