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Frits Henningsen's Signature Chair clearly emphasizes Henningsen's work with achieving both comfort and elegance through the use of graceful, curved lines. The Signature Chair reflects Frits Henningsen's growing emphasis on elegance and a design philosophy that gradually evolved towards increased simplicity and precision. With its soft, inviting shapes and floating armrests, the Signature Chair is one of Frits Henningsen's most light and simple designs. The chair that put the finishing touch on Frits Henningsen's lifework was produced in fewer than 20 pieces. However, through access to Frits Henningsen's archives and close collaboration with the designer's family, the chair is now being made available to the general public. The Signature Chair  is available with a solid oak or walnut frame in various finishes and with leather or fabric upholstery.


  • Available with a solid oak or walnut frame.
  • Various finishes and with leather or fabric upholstery.
  • Technical data sheet
  • Design: Frits Henningsen