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The logic of minimalism determines the shape and materials of the Cuoio Chair. Leather and steel are the components of surface and framework. Minimalist and timeless. The fact that the chair is separable and recyclable ensures it is a miracle of sustainability. The slits in the seat and back lend the chair its typical shape. The flexible back ensures comfort. Shaped for comfortable sitting. The Cuoio Chair comes both with and without armrests, entirely in black or in natural shades of brown.


  • Frame Steel, powder-coated black gloss. With flexible back.
  • Cover Leather Saddle in different colours. Each with rear side in black.
  • Armrests The chairs are available with armrests. Steel, powder-coated black gloss. Covered with black leather. Height of armrests 67 cm.
  • Glides Fitted with synthetic glides for floors and carpet floors or felt glides for wooden floors.


  • Design: EOOS